Morning: 10:30—1:10

10:30-11:10. Risa Okina (Temple University)
The Musical Uncanny and the Musical Symptom in the Finale of Brahms's Piano Quintet in F minor, Op. 34. 

11:10-11:50. Trevor Hofelich (Mannes School of Music) 
Defining Tonality in the Fourth Movement of Shostakovich's Third String Quartet

 Sean Davis (Temple University) 
Identity and Rock Music: The Permanent Interruption as a Denial of Interpellation

12:30-1:10. Faez Abdalla Abarca (University of Arizona) 
Chromatic Evolution: V-of-iii as a Dominant Substitute in Felix Mendelssohn’s Songs without Words

Lunch: 1:10—2:50


2:50-3:30. Lydia Huang (Temple University) 
A Space Odyssey: Spatial Integration without Theoretical Reconciliation

Michael Weinstein-Reiman (Columbia University)
“Inside” Voices and Coupling Dynamics: An Analysis of Clara Wieck-Schumann’s Notturno from Soirées Musicales, Op. 6 no. 2

Professor Edward Klorman, McGill University

Analyzing Mozart’s “Music of Friends”

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